Monday, May 23, 2016

Rainbows - Color In The Sky

Last week I spent several posts talking about perception - more specifically, vision and the visible spectrum and how it can differ between people and species. Of course all of that talk about color, one of my favorite things, made me think about weather and rainbows because rainbows (aside from demonstrating color), just make me happy.

Double rainbows mirror each other, the colors reversing
in the secondary arc, which also usually appears weaker.

Waterfalls often have rainbows associated with them. The water
droplets catch the sunlight and separate it into the colors. Here
is a lovely double rainbow at Niagara Falls. 

Rainbows don't need a waterfall to shine. When the light is
just right and there is a rainfall, you'll see a rainbow - or two
as in the case above. 

Here you see that a rainbow is actually much more than an arch. This
was taken at Victoria Falls. So lovely! 

Even the desert can see rainbows. Here's a real beauty from
Tucson, Arizona. 

This week we'll be getting rain for most of the week, finally clearing on Sunday. We'll also get our first set of warmer temperatures. With Memorial Day coming up next Monday, our summer will officially arrive in a week (calendar be damned) and that means rollicking weather season. Between the thunderstorms, possible tornadoes and the clear skies, I might see a few rainbows too. Here's hoping that all of the rain in your life is followed by rainbows. Happy Monday.

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