Saturday, May 28, 2016

Memorial Day Thoughts

Many of my friends headed out to cemeteries throughout the state to clean their family graves earlier in the week. It's a tradition up here in the frozen north, a tradition I've never participated in for several reasons. The primary reason is that the remains of my parents are in a different state. But I also wasn't raised in the tradition. My family's remains are scattered throughout Europe, floating in the winds and clouds, at the bottom of the deepest oceans, and falling with the rain, a drink for animals throughout the world.

Many people I know cleaned their family graves over the
past week. 

Memorial Day is a day when we remember those who have gone before. It is also a celebration of our military, those who gave their lives and those who currently put their lives on the line. But we have Veteran's Day to celebrate our military and I don't like Memorial Day being completely overtaken by a military aspect. Memorial Day celebrates those who have died - military of course, but also those who never carried a gun.

There's nothing sweeter than a grandmother holding a baby. The
smiles, the trust, it's a beautiful thing. 

It celebrates the grandmothers who held their grandchildren with such a gentle smile.

Parents are famous for going the extra mile, but
there's a special place for hockey moms. 

It celebrates the mothers who drove their kids to early hockey practice before the sun rose in the morning.

Working the line was long hours and sometimes dangerous work. But
it put food on the table and, in those days, was a dependable job. 

It celebrates the fathers who worked long hours in factories and at desks to provide for their families.

Don't forget the sacrifices of our active service people and veterans, but
also remember those who helped you take your first steps and encouraged
your dreams. Honor all of them this Memorial Day. 

Memorial Day celebrates those around you who contributed to where you are today - the teacher, the fire fighter, the police officer, and of course, the military who put themselves into danger to protect all of us. Remember all of those who have died and are no longer in your life. I'm going to enjoy an extra day to sleep in late and I'll be back posting on Tuesday. Have a wonderful extended weekend.

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