Monday, May 2, 2016

Beer, A Movie and a Great Dinner

I'm starting today's blog out with a "shout out" to my friend Ann, who loves dark beers. I had a domestic Brown Ale on Saturday night and a British Porter with dinner on Sunday - photos are below. I'd recommend either of these for a hot summer's day (or a cool spring one).

Boffo Brown's "Brown Ale" was smooth and
easy to drink. I've had Dark Horse Brewery's
ales before and have always enjoyed them.
This was great and I'd get it again. 

I had hesitations before getting the Fuller's
London Porter. After all, they have been
'brewed by the Thames since 1845' but that's
not great water. I was pleasantly surprised
by the Porter, though. It was rich, but not
overly heavy. 

DH had agreed to have a day at the movies with me and even take us out for breakfast, so we woke earlier than usual on a Sunday to catch a morning show at our favorite cinema. After breakfast at my usual hangout we went on to see Jungle Book, which was actually very enjoyable. I'm not sure I'd give it quite as high as the 94% it has on "Rotten Tomato", but it was well done and we had a good time.

The \Jungle Book was entertaining and rather fun,
although I think I prefer animated movies generally.
It was nice to see Rudyard Kipling's story come
alive on the screen, though. 

Bone to pick, though. When Mowgli is kidnapped by the apes and monkeys, there are some of them that have prehensile tails. As anyone who knows monkeys would have learned - only New World monkeys have prehensile tails. Old World monkeys have tails, but they can't grasp tree branches, etc. That drove me crazy during that sequence. Argh!

Onions, mushrooms and noodles on the stove. Just waiting for
the steaks to come off from the grill outside. 

After returning home we watched the Twins get beaten by Detroit in baseball and then had a consolation meal of steak with caramelized onions, sauteed mushrooms and garlic sauce noodles. All in all, it was a wonderful way to start the month of May. Happy Monday!

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