Friday, April 8, 2016

White Rabbit Time - I'm Late, I'm Late!

My second alarm is set to go off at 4:00 am. That's what keeps me on track for my blog and to be at the gym on time. It's my "45 minutes before you have to be in your car", notice. It didn't go off this morning and it's now 4:08 am and I'm running late - almost 10 minutes late.

Sometimes time gets in the way! Today is one
of those mornings. 

I vaguely recall that last week was a snafu of some sort, that I had decided "screw it, I'll just grab a bit more sleep instead", but that hadn't happened anyway because I'm fairly hard-wired to very early mornings. I vaguely recall that I had switched off the alarm for Friday mornings at 4:00 am. But that recollection coupled with this morning's lack of sound are not a comfortable combination. *sigh*

I forgot that I had turned off my Friday 4:00 am alarm. 

Yesterday was filled with the security alarm guy replacing old sensors, putting up new hard-wired smoke detectors, and setting up different zones. He's still not finished and I'll be scheduling one additional day for a few interior sensors, but our perimeter is totally secure once again and I'm pleased about that.

The new upgrade is almost complete with just a couple of
small interior things to fine-tune. The exterior is finished, though
and the perimeter is secure once again. 

We also have the American Craft Council show to attend on Sunday, before we return home to pull down the last of the artwork before the wallpaper guy gets here on Tuesday morning. Suddenly an open schedule is appearing so crowded!

We'll be attending the ACC show this weekend. We look forward
to it every year. 

Here's hoping you have an excellent day. Tomorrow's post should be a little less frantic. Happy Friday everyone!

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