Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Oscars Fashion - A Photo Blog

Back to Middle Earth Month begins today, I have to set a new budget, and work is staring me in the face. So many really important things to do, so what am I doing instead? I'm wandering through pictures of the fashion worn at the Academy Awards and pulling out some of the best and worst for you to look at. Want to see most/all of them including the guys (yes, there are definite hits and misses even in guy's wear), head over to "E" and take a look. Here are my picks for winners and losers on the Red Carpet.

Winner - Jennifer Lawrence in Dior.
This lacy bodice cascading into tiers of darker
lace was coupled with a minimal hairstyle to
pull off a complete win. 

Miss - Kate Winslet in Ralph Lauren
This  was a miss. The gown might have made the
grade if the hairstyle had been less tousled. For a
sleek style like this, the hair should have matched. 

Win - Charlize Theron in Dior (and Harry Winston)
The dress - it could have been better in the bodice.
But the diamond dangler by Harry Winston allowed
that bodice to pass muster. A good combo with a
hairstyle that suited. 

Miss - Amy Poehler - Andrew GN
Really? What drug was her stylist on to imagine
that all of these embroidered birds in that size
could possibly flatter her. The hair was "meh", so
this was a miss for me. 

Win - Reese Witherspoon - Oscar de la Renta
A vision in purple (or deep blue, depending on your
monitor and eyes), the slight frill at the bodice and
back bow added with her minimal sleek hairstyle
was a win for me. 

Miss - Lady Gaga in Brandon Maxwell
Lady Gaga always looks put together and this was
no exception, but it really doesn't flatter her.
Is it a gown? Is it a jumpsuit? Whatever it is,
it is too much bulk. 

Win - Rachel McAdams in August Getty Atelier
This is nice - a good color, sleek and form fitting, and
no worries about breasts showing or popping out at
inopportune moments. I would have liked a bit more for
her hairstyle, but she's put together and it works. 

Miss - Kerry Washington in Atelier Versace
Sorry, Ms Washington, but this style might play well
in the dungeon of a Dominatrix, but not on the
Red Carpet. The bodice is a poor fabric choice, and
those black curved straps at the hips just look like
you forgot to pull your suspenders back up. Bad. 

Win - Olivia Munn in Stella McCartney
This off-the-shoulder drop and fabric choice really
was a win-win. Stella McCartney is maturing into
a designer who really understands her client. Matched
with her sleek, pulled-back hairstyle, Ms Munn
looked absolutely stunning. 

Miss - Cate Blanchett in Armani
A lot of people really liked this dress, but I didn't. Although
Ms Blanchett can pull this look off, to me it looks like
she wandered through a powder puff factory and attracted
lots of them to her via static electricity. She looked
gorgeous and I love her hairstyle, but for me, this dress
was a total miss. 

Win - Jennifer Garner in Atelier Versace
Jennifer Garner looks fierce in this off-the-shoulder
black dress with subtle sparkle. The soft train and
front slit added to the design flair. She could have
pulled off a slightly softer hairstyle, but the
pulled back style works with this dress. It was
armor from Versace for her first solo Red Carpet
and it worked. 

Miss - Heidi Klum in Versace
Even the best designers can have a miss, and this was
a big one. Heidi Klum has a great body and can pull
off a dress like this, but not for this particular Red
Carpet. This should have been kept at the back of the closet
and saved for a less prestigious event. All of this
chiffon, the blending colors and the cutout - just
bad choices all around. 

So there you have it, my fashion wins and misses for the Academy Awards 2016. Want to see a larger spectrum, the link to E on-line is in the first paragraph. Just follow it and look for the Red Carpet fashions. Now - I've got to get going or I'll be late for the gym. Have a wonderful Tuesday!

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