Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Delete and Redo - Selective Editing in Life

I've really been enjoying the new season of "The Voice" which started last week. So far two people who had been turned down in earlier seasons tried out again and this time they were accepted and now move on in the competition. It's a good reminder to me that sometimes things don't work out on first run, but to revamp, renew, and try again.

The judges for this season (Season 10) of The Voice are
Blake Shelton, Christina Aguilera, Pharrell Williams and
Adam Levine. Here they are turned away from the singer, ready
to hear an audition. 

I knew singers auditioned for the show, but one of the young ladies accepted last night had auditioned seven times before finally moving on far enough to try her song in front of the judges for the blinds. Yet one more example of perseverance. And yes, she got at least one chair turned and got to choose a coach. For those who don't or can't watch the program, "The Voice" is a televised vocal competition that begins with blind 90-second vocal auditions. If the singer can get at least one of the judges to push their button and turn around for them (thus, no longer being 'blind'), they will have a coach and can continue to the next round.

This is what the singers want to see - turned chairs and white lights
indicating that a judge wants the opportunity to coach that singer.
Here, Christina and Blake are ready to fight it out. Who will win
the singer for their team? 

Isn't life like that - a lot? I think of how many times I revise my writings. It's no wonder the big things - the novels - are still languishing on my hard drive. I often put hours of work into simple 100-word and 300-word stories/chapters. Stories I've written with hundreds of thousands of words are an editing nightmare. Sometimes we need a re-do or a good editing for life as well. Is something becoming too difficult to do? Has the enjoyment gone out of a project or event? Maybe it's time to edit that out of your life and focus on those things that are fun or that allow you to progress to the next day with a smile on your face. If it's a project, just finish it and get it out of your life. Maybe you can trade with someone else - they paint the trim while you corral the two-year-olds or something. Make it work!

You can't escape everything, but you can make everything count. You'll
still have to do things you don't want to sometimes, but selective
editing will make the whole much more palatable. 

This does NOT mean you get to escape all of the not-fun items in life. You still have to go to the dentist, you still have to exercise and watch what you eat. You will still have bad days as well as good. But it does mean that when you look back over a week, it will be with a smile and the color that stands over it in your mind's eye will be one that you like, not one that depresses you. Choose wisely, young Padawan. Time marches on and there are NEVER enough hours in a day. Have a fun Wednesday - I'm getting my garbage and recycling to the curb and then I'm off to the pool. Oh happy Guppy Day!

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