Saturday, February 20, 2016

What Will You Leave?

This week I discussed music, - natural and man-made. In the past I've discussed art and creating jewelry. Many of my friends are authors. The thought comes to me that few people are remembered down the years for their work as a sales clerk, accountant, or car repair technician. Few people go down into the history books as maids, nursing home assistants and construction workers. Are these people essential? Absolutely - the world cannot run without them!!! Also, realistically, they are the audience for those who are creating the music, the art, and the books.

What will you leave behind? When Lord NĂ¡mo or some unnamed deity or angels come for you or your clock runs down, what will you leave behind? Looking around me, if I died today I'd leave a huge mess; a partially organized house, a large variety of art and craft supplies, a virtual cache of amateur fanfiction stories, two unfinished novels, and a lot of unfulfilled dreams. However, I doubt that I will have any lasting impact on future generations. I'm no Van Gogh or Renoir. I'm no JD Robb or Ann Rice or (pick an author you love and insert here). I also don't have the skills of a Tiffany.

But in other ways I'm so rich. I have a large group of people through the world who have enriched my life by sharing their own skills in art and music. I have friends who have shared their imaginations with me through the written word, and I have people who love me - family and personal friends.

I may not leave a lasting impact on this earth, but I will be able to look back on my life and feel that even though I was a sales clerk for the majority of my life, I also left a small legacy behind me and, more important than that, I left behind friends who might remember me. That's a good legacy to have. What will you leave? Have a wonderful weekend.

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