Monday, January 11, 2016

It Was Quite the Sunday

It was a weekend of good and bad, but then most days truly are a mix. I continued searching for my fiberfill without success. The search led to rooms and closets I hadn't been in for years (a good thing) resulting in my rediscovering several coats I can fit into once again (another good thing), as well as a comforter I want to put onto the bed (good, again).

The bad part about sewing on coat buttons
is leaving the extra room with the toothpick so you
can wrap the longer shank and have enough room
for the coat material to not rip the fabric with
the pull when it is worn. I don't do buttons happily. 

Unfortunately the coats needed buttons sewn on (bad thing). Not my favorite task of the universe, but not impossible. I had enough similarly-sized buttons for the front of one coat (the back has two buttons that I had to leave with the old style). The other coat was missing buttons, but amazingly, I actually had them in my button box (huzzah!). I also replaced a missing button on the cuff of a shirt, while I was at it (actually had that button in my button box too - a very good thing).

Our kicker knew immediately that he'd totally blown the
game. He accepts full responsibility for the muffed kick.
It doesn't help, though. We lost the game and the chance
for a championship. *sigh*

So all of that wasn't too bad. But the football game - at least the football game that we really cared about. What a sad thing. Down to the final play and the final seconds of the game and all we needed was a field goal - one ball kicked through the goal posts. Our kicker had already made three of them earlier in the game, and this one was close - only 27 yards. Sure it was cold - it was sub-zero for the whole game and the third coldest game on record. But, the kicker missed! He missed, we lost the game by a point, and our season has suddenly ended. DH was so depressed he went to bed and slept (sulked) for several hours. I just scratched one more up for Minnesota and watched the next game (while sewing on buttons).

Obsidian Stout by Deschutes Brewery has a lovely,
smooth taste without the back bite often experienced
in a dark beer. I give this one FIVE stars! 

Hey - Anne - got another beer for you to try. This one is absolutely LOVELY. I'm starting to really like this brewery, and their Obsidian Stout was rich, smooth and unexpectedly carried hints of sweetness. I really liked this beer, so I'm passing along the recommendation.

I got an absolutely lovely holiday card from Kathy (who lives in Warsaw, Poland) on Saturday. It was a delight to receive and share with DH. I love cards after the season because they allow me to remember the wonderful parts of the season without the pressures of working too much and ending the year well. It's always a joy to receive cards. Early, late or on time - they are always welcome and appreciated. Thank you!!!

So there you have it - good, bad and ugly. We finished the night by watching "The Avengers - Age of Ultron" again. Yup - still a good movie! Happy Monday to all - time for me to bundle up in my -7F temps (-21.6C) and head out to the pool. Too cold!!!!

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