Friday, January 29, 2016

Happy - A Photo Blog

What a week! Good, bad, indifferent, at least it's Friday. I need happy things today, so here we go ...

I think we all need to be happy today. What things make me happy?
Maybe some of my things will also be yours ...

Minions always make me happy. There's just something about
their goggles and overalls as well as their bumbling helpful
attitude that just gets me smiling. 

I also adore Kung Fu Panda. The third movie in the franchise
opens soon and I'll be there watching it in early February. I'm
already looking forward to seeing Po and the rest of the gang. 

Happy Feet made me happy, and had a great soundtrack besides. How
can I resist dancing penguins? Simply said - I can't. 

This Deviant Art piece made me happy. If there had been twelve
balls, it would have made a great clock, but I love the expressions
shown here. Of course I named it "Colorful Balls:" but I'm sure the
artist had some title more representative (with less sexual suggestion). 

Finally, one very happy dance. With balloons. Does it
get any better than this? 

And why am I happy? Why not? It's Friday. I uploaded my Slashy Valentine's story last night, so task completed and dusty muses out of closet (at least for the time being). I have a swimming day today. It's not snowing (yet). Did I mention it's Friday? I'm ignoring politics, cranky customers, and negative impulses for the day. I'm determined - I'm happy! Happy Friday to all!

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