Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Dodging Bullets and Making Resolutions

Yesterday's snow hit the southern part of the state harder than our location, so we managed to get out with between 2:"-3" where other places got 10"-12". WHEW! So lucky! I still shoveled though, and got plenty of exercise getting that done before running to the gym. DH actually woke up and helped me at 4:30 am! What a nice guy! Of course, he had to pull the snow down from the roof later that morning as well as do one more shovel of the driveway from snow that was still falling when I left. So he had his fill of it. I shoveled at the shop, so was I also tired of it by the end of the early morning. *sigh* There's a lot of winter left ...

I love snowflakes and I actually really like snow too, just now having
to shovel it and drive in it. But up here, dealing with the snow is a

Today is normally my day off, but with the sale going on, I'm actually working at the shop. I'll have to text Aearwen and wish her a Happy New Year, but beg off on our weekly conversation. It's hard to chat for an hour when I'm on the sales floor. Tomorrow will be a short day for New Year's Eve and then three days off! Yippee!

One of my beading friends is Sherry Serafini. She's well known for
making incredible collars like this. She said if I didn't use
the stones, she would buy them from me when I see her in June.
Guess I'd better put my design hat on for a while ...

I remembered that I had purchased some amazing stones from Gary Wilson when I saw him in Milwaukee earlier this year. I had ideas of what to do with them, but wasn't sure. I think I might be one step closer in that decision. I pulled them out last night and downloaded some pictures that might give me some guidance. Now to determine what direction I want to go ...

The top resolutions are listed here. Are your resolutions among them? 

So as we get one step closer to New Year's Resolutions, have you made any for 2016? My resolution for 2015 was to get myself back into shape and I've been working hard at that all year. Today I'll be carrying it out once again as I swim my mile in the pool. I do love my Guppy Days. Happy Wednesday!

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