Saturday, October 17, 2015

Rocks - Because They're Beautiful

DH and I are going to the Minnesota Mineral Club annual show tomorrow and I'm really looking forward to it. I'll have to dress warmly because it'll be cold, but know that an October show can range from temps in the upper 70's to snow. This year it will be beautiful weather, just on the cooler side. I can live with that.

Picture Jasper is one of my favorite stones. Every stone
is different and all of them have scenes that hint at
stories and other lands. 

The drive out should showcase the last of our autumn colors - driving along the floodplain for the Mississippi River and south. It's usually a really nice drive out and back with lots of color and shades of fall.

Here's another example of Picture Jasper. Each stone can
be different, and each slice from a larger stone will have
different scenes. It's always stunning and polishes up

Once there, we'll be looking at hundreds of rocks - slabbed, tumbled, and rough. We're looking for materials to use in crafts, hoping that we can shape and polish them to stunning centerpieces. Such fun! Here's hoping each of you has a wonderful weekend of beauty - back on Monday.

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