Thursday, October 15, 2015


Do you ever work things through in your dreams? It doesn't necessarily make for a restful night, but it can resolve problems and approaches with my projects without wasting my time. Last night's sleep was deep in three into different drreamscapes - familiar, yet different each time.

My dream shops are never actually this organized. Usually things are
in open boxes, mislabeled, or all mish-mashed together. 

#1 - I was on the sales floor of my shop. I only knew it was my shop because, in this instance, my staff kept coming by with questions about products or with customers in tow who had questions they couldn't answer. As usual, in these dreams, the products I was selling was higher-end collectibles and jewelry, not beads and craft supplies which make up the majority of my merchandise right now. I think I segued into a different dream when discussing a 14K ring with a customer and telling a staff person to get something out onto the sales floor because she knew what the pricing should be. It's always exhausting to dream about work, even if it isn't real. It's stressful.

I'll be trying a new technique (new for me) and applying paint
with a dauber to cover lightly, blend easily, and impress paint
onto larger areas of space. It should be interesting to play with. 

#2 - I worked through the next stage of the cover page to my holiday cards in my head. This is the coloring and application stage, and I suppose it was in my head because I'm bringing my box of goodies (paints, fancy cutters, etc) over to the shop today so that I can continue the project. By the end of the week I'll have determined if the past few weeks of work will actually look good and where to go from here. I will often work through the next stage or a crafting or sewing problem in my dreams before trying it out in reality. I've solved problems and avoided mistakes by doing this.

I was so disturbed by my third dreamscape that I was putting
flowers down in memorium in my dream too. How truly bizarre. 

#3 - I don't usually dream of world events, but for some odd reason I dreamed about a news report that said ISIL had crucified a gay man by the side of a busy road. I remember thinking to myself that it was odd for them to choose a method of death more associated with Christian than Islamic trends, and also that it was both ridiculous and infuriating for anyone to assault or kill someone because they were hard wired to be attracted to the same sex instead of the opposite.

Three different scenarios of my dreams through my last hour of sleep this morning. So weird. I'm still a bit rattled by how angry I am at the third scenario, acknowledging once again that although pockets of the world are "safe" for LGBTQ people, there are so many places where it can quite literally mean death to be seen as 'different'. I'll be sorting through my experiments for my holiday cards, but it will be the third scene that will linger long into my day today.

Have a wonderful and productive Thursday.

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