Thursday, September 17, 2015

Wow! I Can See!

Sight is an amazing thing and taken for granted so often. I picked up my new glasses yesterday morning when the store opened at 10:00 am and after a small adjustment to make the frames fit tighter to my head, I was good to go. It took a short amount of time to be comfortable with the new correction, but before long I was off and running again.

My new eyeglasses have rings running down
the temple in ever decreasing size. The rings are bright
green on the side, so a nice, subtle blast of color. They had
this style in a white-rimmed  colorway also, but the
metallic green was much more my style. 

It's so fun to have glasses that fit once again! It's been a nightmare few days while I relied on over-the-counter magnifying glasses for reading. I did increase the text size in my book, but things just weren't crisp. The minute I had the new glasses on, I turned on my phone, brought up my book, changed the text back to the next smaller size and happily read a few pages. Yeah! Glasses - good.

Broken eyeglasses aren't fun, but they think they can
have the old frames resoldered via a laser solder by next week. 

They took my old frames and will have them laser soldered for me, calling me when they are ready to pick up. The amount they wanted for relensing them was exorbitant, so I'm going to send them out for relensing when I have them back from repair. But at least I'll have them ready to go. One step at a time.

Wow - Vision! Who knew it could be so fun!

DH and I had a quiet night. I had bought him flowers and a couple of anniversary cards while out and about yesterday, but usually he cooks a fancy meal for me on our anniversary and since he had to work, that wasn't possible this year. We'll celebrate later in the week or next weekend at Renaissance Fest. It'll be great. Thanks for all of your kind good wishes and commentary :-)


The three MasterChef finalists - Steven, Claudia and Derrick. The final
cook-off came down to Derrick and Claudia and Claudia prevailed. It
was an EPIC battle and amazing to watch. Congratulations hija! 

Finally - my favorite home cook won on MasterChef last night. The competition was absolutely fierce. If you didn't get a chance to watch the final competition, catch it on the web. It was quite amazing. Congratulations go out to Claudia for a really amazing meal that spoke to her Latina heritage throughout. Brilliant! I can't wait to see what recipes are presented in her cookbook. Have a great Thursday. I need to really hit the elliptical this morning - somehow I gained a couple of pounds yesterday! Ack!

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