Friday, July 3, 2015

Weekend Plans

I'm getting a slow start to the day today, so I'll be brief. I'm planning on taking Saturday and Sunday off to celebrate July 4th - Independence Day - with my hubby. I'm probably not even going to go to the gym on Saturday.

Oh, the "Good Old Days". Just look at all of that
meat in the freezer! I probably still have a old,
outmoded fridge like this in the basement of the small house. 

He went to the store yesterday and the refrigerator is stuffed with food for the weekend. I believe the menu is something like this - but can be altered depending on weather.

Friday dinner - Fajitas
Saturday - Omelettes with sausage for breakfast, steak on the grill for dinner
Sunday - Southwestern stir-fry for breakfast. bratwurst on the grill for dinner

I love the fireworks, but rarely get to see them. 

I'll be waddling into the gym on Monday - LOL. But it'll be wonderful just to have a full weekend off. I'll probably post a pic on Saturday or Sunday wishing everyone a good 4th, but today is the last full blog until Monday. So have a great weekend, everyone. And for those of my friends here in the USA, have a safe and happy 4th of July.

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