Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Halfway There and Disaster Averted

Last week I went to the wall covering store and ordered larger samples of the two papers we had decided we wanted to see closer. Unfortunately one of them is no longer being made and there was no excess stock available, so it's back to the drawing board for the second paper. I got the sample of the primary paper in the mail yesterday, though, and it's really pretty. I'll be taping that onto my wall today so that we can take a closer look at it, and I'll be going back to the store early this morning on my way between the gym and work to see if I can find a different second choice. *sigh* I just can't seem to win, here.

The original samples from the wallpaper store are very small. Sure, we
can make very basic choices from that, but we really need larger pieces
to see how the pattern and color work in the room. I got one of the larger
samples in the mail yesterday. Now to put it up and really take a look. 

I contacted two different people last week who could possibly do the wallpaper install for us. One still hasn't returned my call, the other sounded about as enthused as if I proposed that he come in for a root canal. I think I can do without that kind of attitude and will continue my hunt for a wallpaper installation person.

I want a professional to install my wallpaper. My wall is 12 feet
high and there are some odd corners. The old paper needs to be stripped off
and the new paper put up. It's a big job and I don't want to be the one doing it. Maybe
it's time to check out Angie's List and see who I can find there. 

I needed to pay down on my primary personal credit card, so authorized a payment without thinking last night. This morning, in my email confirmation, I happened to notice that I had authorized it from the account that I'm closing out tomorrow. Oops! I quickly went into the account this morning, deleted the incorrect bank account information, added the new checking account information and rescheduled the payment. That could have been VERY bad. Disaster averted!

A few years ago when most banks hiked their fees, Affinity Plus ran this
very successful ad campaign. I almost switched then, but held off. They've
got my business now, though.
No more US Bank. Hello Affinity Plus Federal Credit Union. 

Tomorrow I'll go to my old bank and close whatever accounts I can. I will still have my mortgage with them, but I'll close the two checking accounts and the line of credit I've had with them for 23 years. Everything is working well with my new accounts at the credit union, so I'm ready to make the switch permanent. Huzzah! Have a wonderful Tuesday. I'll be sweating out at the gym before walking into the sauna that Minnesota has seen fit to give us for the week's weather.

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