Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Finally A Day Off!

Chickie is back and I have today off. Maybe. Chickie is sick - apparently both she and her mother, as well as other family members visiting for the reunion, developed serious illnesses after breathing the smoke from the forest fires currently burning in Montana. Chickie phoned me yesterday to ask about cough syrups and expectorants and I didn't even recognize her voice. She sounded horrible. I'm crossing my fingers that I actually do get the day off because I really need it, but she may end up calling me in. If she does, I won't be happy, but I'll understand.

The Montana forest fires are around and in Glacier National Park. Since
Chickie was around the park for her vacation and reunion, she was
breathing in the smoke for days. 

Because of the "maybe off, maybe not off" nature of my day today, I'm going to try and get all of my outside errands completed this morning so that I'm just on laundry this afternoon. Then, if I get called in to work, I'll at least have fresh fruit and veggies in the fridge, staples, ink and assorted other office supplies ready to take to the shop tomorrow, and a quick stop by Target completed. My lists have been getting longer over the past almost two weeks, so I have to get things like toilet paper before the need becomes urgent.

There's just something I like about Target. I've never been
much of a Walmart fan, though, so even though they are
closer, I'd rather go to Target. 

When I arrived at the shop yesterday morning in pouring rain, the metal T-Rex was gone from my block and nothing was happening. Of course, considering that the parking lot was an ocean, the skies were spitting out lightning strikes and sheets of water, and the weather radar looked like the stormfront would be around for a while probably all played into an unexpected day off for the construction workers. But the day cleared up and the only people I saw outside were the city inspectors looking over the concrete work from two days ago and giving their approval for the work to continue. I suspect that the boys will be busy with the next phase as soon as the concrete has dried enough to do the next thing on the schedule. It's interesting, though.

High Five to the Boy Scouts of America for finally lifting their ban
on gay leaders. Equality, baby! Equality! 

And finally just a few quick thoughts. (1) The Boy Scouts of America have finally agreed to lift their ban on gay adult leaders, causing great joy and some expected grumbles. I think it's about time they woke up and applaud their decision, even though it was slow in coming. (2) Lion kill - apparently a Minnesota dentist (NOT my dentist) paid guides more than $50,000 for the dubious privilege of killing an African lion, ending up killing one who is known as Cedric - a GPS-collared pride leader. The backlash against this idiot is extensive and vitriolic. I'm just grateful that I don't know the idiot. (3) Bobbi Kristina Brown died. Am I the only one who feels a deep relief that she finally was allowed to die with some dignity?

Why would anyone want to kill such a beautiful creature as this? 

And so I'm off - trash and recycling day, swimming, and then hitting the ground running. A day off! A busy day. Have a great Wednesday.

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