Wednesday, June 24, 2015


Two late nights in a row and I'm closely resembling a zombie. *sigh*

I desperately need sleep, and that's just not going to happen this week. 

Today is hectic, but should be a lot of fun too. After my morning swim I'll grab breakfast, then get the store prepped for the day. I would like to make it to the wallpaper store if possible, but I also have to drop a package off at the post office. I have a 10:00 am appointment at my new bank to finalize my new accounts and get my debit cards for them. And ...

Wheel Fun Rentals rents pedal boats for 2 or 4 people, bicycles,
kyacks and canoes, at several different lakes around town.
We'll meet up at their location at Lake Calhoun. 

... at noon, I will meet Huinare at Lake Calhoun in Minneapolis for a few hours of sun, water and talk. Last year when Huinare came to town we met at the Science Museum and looked at dinosaur skeletons. It was great fun. This year we're going to rent a pedal boat and cross one more thing off our "Gee, I've always wanted to do that," lists.

Friends are the BEST thing. 

I always have fun when I have an opportunity to meet one of my on-line friends in real life. My on-line friends are a community of writers and creative people. They are smart, usually liberal, and always interesting. Meeting them in person means conversations instead of delayed posts and responses. It's a real treat.

Ummmm . ice cream. It should be the perfect day for some with sunny
skies and temps in the low 80's F. 

So even though my laundry will have to be spread over the next few days, it's worth anything and everything to have the chance to share time with Huinare today. We'll pedal, we'll walk, and maybe we'll eat lunch or ice cream or both. It'll be a blast for me, and hopefully she'll also have a fun afternoon in the middle of her short visit back home. Happy Wednesday to all!

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