Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Oh Dear ... Good News and Bad News In One

I love my MisFit Shine fitness tracker. That said, it decided to die yesterday quite unexpectedly. I sent a report to them with the specifics and screen shots, and they notified me back (within twelve hours, so great customer service) that they believe my unit is defective. The good news, they will replace it at no charge to me. The bad news, the color I've been wearing is not available. I will look through the other colors and choose a different one, send the defective one back to them in tomorrow's mail, and wait to get my new one. I've been wearing it long enough now that I'm quite familiar with what exercise regimes push me up to the levels I want, so a week or two without my Shine won't be horrible. But I'll miss seeing it on my wrist :-)

So which color should I choose? I had the lower left, but it's
not available right now. I'm thinking either #1, #2 or #3, but I'm
edging to #1. What do you think? Comment ant let me know. 

I have a new gadget (toy) arriving this week sometime - a completely waterproof iPod Shuffle for my water days. I normally am swimming 1500 yards on my guppy days and I want to push that closer to 2000 yards so that I have a mile+ in the water. I also want to pick up my pace a bit, and music can help me do that. I spent time on Sunday putting together a heavy metal playlist for my Guppy Days and when my new toy arrives, I'll load it up, use the Flip Turn headphones that are included with my Shuffle, and hit the water. I can hardly wait!

UnderwaterAudio.com offers a completely waterproof iPod Shuffle
in several colors along with headphones that can be used for swimming
or other water activities. I think I ordered mine in blue just to keep it
separate from my gym iPod which is green. I need color cues like this
at 4:45 am - LOL. 

But life carries on while I'm doing all of this. Today will be a busy day at work because yesterday was practically a ghost town in the store. Minimal customers and those who won't spend more than $10 makes paying bills an exercise in creativity *sigh*. So I'm determined that today will be better.

I really hate to do drastic measures like a System Restore to
an earlier time point, but after more than eight hours of getting
nowhere with my laptop, I finally gave it. It took a while, but
it did the trick and I'm back up and running. 

Additionally, yesterday my laptop just wouldn't operate properly, despite restarts, etc. I finally gave up and did a System Restore to last Friday. Now things seem to be working properly again. Of course, I didn't do the Restore until 4:00 pm, so most of the day was a total wash, at least as far as getting computer work completed. But there was plenty of other work for me to do, so I concentrated on that instead.

I really disliked the catalog cover and promotional materials
for the show this year. Usually they have a project and
some really pretty beadwork to get people inspired. This year
they focused on classes, and I didn't even bother posting the
visual materials for my customers to look at. Cover pic = BORING!

And finally, I got notifications and instructions from one of my teachers at my conference in June. Now to download and print out those instructions and gather my tools together so that I can have a great time playing with fire and metal in Milwaukee. I'm really looking forward to the conference even though I'm going to be broke again because of the expense of it all. It's my only vacation (aside from the Labor Day extended weekend with my BFF Sharon each year) and I'm determined to make the most of it.

Happy Tuesday, all! Have a truly fabulous day filled with joy!

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