Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Because Pretty is Sometimes the Best Wake-up Medicine

I'm in the mood for pretty today (and the fact that I'm running 30 minutes late because I went virtual shoe shopping has nothing to do with today's blog subject at all ... yeah!). Therefore, because I'm in the mood for pretty, I'm sharing pretty with all of you on a rest day for Le Tour. Don't forget, you baseball fans, the All-Star Game will be played tonight in unusually cold Minneapolis (normally we're about 20-30 degrees hotter at this time of the year). Think of me when you see our pretty baseball stadium. So... pretty.

I'll start out with this artwork installation. "Trash" by Joel Gross
challenges your perceptions of visualization by making the
shadow image completely from trash. 

This Art Noveau  VW bug is actually factory made. I don't
want to think about the extra weight of the filigree decoration, but
I really like the car. Pretty!  

These fabulous colored pencils are by Jonna Pohjalainen  from Finland.
She took aspen logs and made them into giant colored pencils
against the landscape. Fabulous and pretty. 

Flying Butresses by Theo Jansen is one of his fabulous kinetic
sculptures that creep along the beaches of the Dutch coast. I know
I've shown his sculptures to you before, but if you're not familiar with
his amazing work, check out this You Tube video (or one of many more
on You Tube) as well as lots of pictures. Amazing - and pretty. 

Just a reminder that changing your own perspectives will often
change your views of the world. 

So, to conclude this short photoblog, try to look at things a bit differently today. Embrace change, lean over and look at the world upside down, maybe find some rose colored glasses to look through. But look at your surroundings and see the pretty. There is beauty in everything, even the ant crawling across my floor which shouldn't be inside my house at all *sigh*. Happy Tuesday, everyone, I'll be back tomorrow with another blog and Stage 11 of Le Tour de France.

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