Wednesday, July 23, 2014

A Day Off Never Really Means A Day Off

Wednesdays are my "day off" from the shop. Of course it doesn't mean I'm not there, just that I'm not there by the time the doors are opened for the public. I'll still be there early this morning putting some things away, cleaning up, pulling items for a mail order and turning on the computers before I leave for the bank, the grocer, and to get gas for the car. After all that, then I can go home and start the laundry, make the beds and settle down at my computer keyboard to finish my Ardor in August story and watch the rebroadcast of Le Tour.

This is a total beast of a stage with a Hor Cat finish at the top of
the mountain. Ooof! The legs and lungs will be hurting today. 

Speaking of Le Tour, we're in Stage 17 today and the second of three days in the Pyrenees. It's a total BEAST of a day and I can hardly wait. Just look at that stage profile! Yummy!

I did this pencil drawing for Chaotic Binky's
OEAM 2012/13 story. I'm still not 100% happy
with it, but there was a lot of good in it too. 

The call-out for OEAM Big Bang went out today for those who participate. I've done this in the past, but have been pushing my time toward NaNoWriMo in November instead for the past two years. I've signed up to do artwork for Big Bang in the past, and I may do that again. I always have fun illustrating the stories of my friends and future friends. But I have a bit of time to decide on this. Right now I have to finish my Ardor story and then catch up on my latest set of drabbles - birds. I think they posted the fifth bird type this morning and I haven't written for any of them yet. My bad, but time has been hard to come by.

Today's bird prompt was "Raven". (Shades of
Games of Thrones!) I think I have story ideas for many of
the assigned birds, and raven isn't really a problem, but I don't
think I've ever met a Thrush (last week's bird) and I'll
have to do a bit of research to get a feel for that bird's approach. 

I've been totally tied up at work and unable to keep the laptop on after we've unlocked the doors, so my responses to commentary on my blog has been minimal and delayed more than my norm. I apologize and hope that things will get better by the end of the month. At least I'm trying for that goal. I always check in at least once a day and I'm trying to keep up with friends posts as well to the best of my ability. Right now deadlines have me a bit pressured and they have to come first.

Oh those deadlines. I keep them in mind all the time and they
still creep up on me. I have to finish my Ardor story TODAY! 

So I'll be bouncing around town today doing my errands and then getting home to do my work here, but I'll still have my weekly conversation with Aearwen (a true sanity saver for me) and a chance to hopefully catch up a bit by the end of the day. Have a truly wonderful Wednesday, I'll be thinking of you while I'm out and about.

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