Thursday, June 26, 2014

Technology Has Come So Far!

Wow! DH and I picked up Minion last night (s/he's happily getting used to the garage as I write). Originally we were supposed to pick her up on Tuesday night, but an unexpected funeral called our sales guy out of the shop that day and I didn't want to turn the final step over to someone I didn't know. So we rescheduled for Wednesday night instead. After bringing her home and parking her in the garage, I was bouncing off the walls of 'things I have to do' all night long because there's so much to learn. Technology has moved ahead big-time since my last new car and I'm running in place to try and keep up.

I love classical music - although, I enjoy most music. As a trained
cellist for many years, I gravitated back to classical when I needed
to decrease stress in my life. It provides me with an anchor of beauty
upon which to hang each day. 

I know that the first two things I need to do is install the cargo cover (a matter of opening the box and attaching four ends into their appropriate locations) and set the radio for my Classical Minnesota Public Radio station. After that I'll be settling down with the manual to start working through the many other things I need to know about the car. It's a bit intimidating, but I really like it.

It'll be like being back in college again - lots of late night
studying until I really understand how Minion will talk to me. 

DH hadn't done anything except sit in the showroom sample car before last night, so he was pleasantly surprised at how it rode, the sight-lines and how comfortable the seat was. He loved that he wasn't hitting his head getting in and out of the the car, and also how high off the ground it was. He was an easy convert.

Da Grape was a fabulous car that was reliable and peppy right
through to the end. There were problems, sure, but of all my
cars, Grape was the one I loved the most. Now to see what Minion
can do for me over the next 10-15 years. 

They gave me a good trade-in price on Grape, so we waved good-bye to her as we left the parking lot. There was a bit of a tear in my eye, but the amount they offered me dropped my payments down to a level where I'm much more comfortable, so I'm happy. She was a fabulous car. I loved driving her and she never let me down. But there is something to be said about having a car with a functional air conditioner, has good struts, is stable, and has higher ground clearance for those snowy winter days.

I've always wanted a red car, and now I finally have one. Minion
is sharp looking, inside and out, and surprisingly roomy. I think
I'm going to be very happy, but I guarantee I'll rant on
my blog and you'll know if I'm not - LOL. 

So, this is the one and only "Yippee" post I'm going to write about Minion. S/he's home now, and I have my learning cut out for me. Suffice it to say - I'm very happy and s/he's pretty darned sharp looking. Now to just understand how to sync my phone to the Bluetooth setting....

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