Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Stumbling Blocks

The best made plans, the best intentions, yadda, yadda, yadda... Phooey! I had planned to bring the rest of my trip to a conclusion and then party on for the rest of the week. But NO! I had to renew and re-install my anti-virus program and my Angie's List subscription (all coming due at the same time - sigh). By the time I was finished with all of that, only getting two of the three computers and my phone updated with the correct anti-virus program, I was out of time. So instead of a lot of words, today you get pictures of stumbling blocks. Tomorrow I'll try for my wrap-up again, but today...here we go.

I have a feeling that if I was walking through this, I'd end up with a twisted ankle. 

I saw many pictures of stepping stones, but I really liked the gate in the
far distance of this picture. Here we have a goal - to see what lies beyond
the pathway and explore new adventures. 

Here's an interesting perspective, and one that I find I can't really
disagree with. Perhaps your personal experiences have been
different, but I don't fit into preconceived notions of roles very well. 

I wish I knew the artist of this picture, but it's lovely. I have named it
"Stepping Stones of Life", but it probably has a more esoteric title. 

Stumbling blocks don't have to be physical. Communication and just
finding the correct word can be a stumbling block. I've been known to
sit and look at a blank screen for long minutes while searching for that
elusive "perfect" word. 

So what will you do with your stumbling blocks today? You can fall over
them and explore the ground at your nose level - pretty interesting stuff there
sometimes, or you can stack them up and discover the sky. Will you fly! 

So help someone today to avoid their own stumbling blocks. Make life
a bit smoother for the people around you and remember to smile. A smile
is contagious and often will smooth over those stumbling blocks. 

Have a fabulous Tuesday, hopefully I'll catch up with my emails within my lifetime and can get back to posting content instead of just pictures and thoughts.

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