Saturday, June 28, 2014

Stormy Weather - A Photo Blog

It's a weekend that will be wet and rainy, but the storms aren't as much from the sky as from DH who is a bit overly stressed right now. This too will pass, but right now we just have to live through this next small bump in hurt feelings and bruised attitudes. I'm in the mood for photos, and since we're a bit stormy at home, I'm doing beautiful storms for today's photo blog.

I'll start with this wonderful prairie shot. The lightning, the threatening
clouds, and the wide open spaces make a vibrant, stunning shot of
a threatening storm. 

Here's a fabulous pic of a stormy sea. The large ship in the background
is leaving the Tyne in the UK while being pounded by waves from
the stormy sea. 

Look at this approaching storm outlined in the setting sun. The
picture is of the California coastline. 

This is a great shot of storm clouds over the Greenwich Peninsula by
David K Hardman. Follow the link to see more of his work. 

December 2012 was the beginning of a very stormy winter for the
UK and Europe. This picture from The Guardian warned its readers
to brace for a difficult winter ahead. 

After the storm, the sun returns and often we are greeted
with the rainbow - one of the most beautiful gifts of light we see in
our skies. 

So there you have it - stormy weather pictures for stormy times. The promise held in the final pic will also come to pass, it may take a while but things will be calm again one of these days soon. Have a great weekend and I'll return on Monday.

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