Friday, June 13, 2014

It's Cold, So I'm Thinking HOT Thoughts

I'm running more than 30 minutes late this morning (no idea why), so I'm doing a photo blog today. It's also darned cold today - only 52 F (11.1 C). That's too cold for a June day. We'll get warm again tomorrow, but since I'm a bit shivery this morning, I'm giving you heat for today's photos.

I'll start out with this lovely painting by Wayne Pascall entitled
"Desert Heat". The sun through the clouds is so wonderful and
the saguaro cacti stand proudly against the fiery backdrop. 

I'll follow the desert with this wonderful picture of Volcanic Heat. The molten
core of the earth spouting forth in a fountain of fire is always stunning. 

This is Morning Glory Pool, a thermal hot springs pool with exceptional
color and clarity. Don't go sticking your toe into this one, though. It's
too hot to tolerate against your skin. 

Of course there is the feared Hot Temper. Don't forget to keep
that under control. A hot temper can whip back upon you and
cause you more harm than you would think. Be kind to your
blood pressure. 

Everyone has different ideas about what constitutes a
hot body, but this picture of Ranveer Singh comes darned
close to my ideal. Yummy! 

On that note I'll leave all of you to deal with your own hot issues today. Tomorrow out temps will be warmer again and this minor cold snap will be a thing of the past. I'm sure I'll be posting ice and cold pics when I'm sweltering in July and August, but at least I've added a little more heat to a cold June day. Have a wonderful Friday!

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