Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Ramblings - A Variety of Small Thoughts, Pics and Paragraphs

I'm uninspired today. I'm tired, I'm cold, and I really wish I could groundhog it today and just curl up in blankets with a good book and a warm cup of tea. But reality intervenes and raises its highly annoying head and work calls. I can wish for an opportunity like this, but even tomorrow, my scheduled day off, won't be able to be spent lazing about with a book and a cuppa. Since I'm uninspired, I'm going to allow my mind to roam free for today's post  - so anything goes.

Do you remember the musical?

Anything Goes - the musical was originally written in 1934 by Cole Porter. It isn't performed as often, although in 2011 it was on Broadway (and may still be - I'm not up on my Broadway shows). It was supposed to originally star Ethel Merman and it's got a stellar list of songs that have stayed with us for so many years.

I loved this evil Sochi mascot welcoming people with
the traditional bread and salt. It's one of a series of
black art done by a Russian artist for the games.
To see more of the art, follow the link. It's worth a look.

The Winter Olympics - Sochi begins on February 6th (or at least the broadcasting of the Olympics will begin then). Between the various television stations and the internet, they promise that every event and every minute will be available to watch. Those of us addicted to the Olympics might be in serious trouble if that's the case because we'll be glued to the TV.

Charles Agustus Magnussen is the villain for this episode, and he's
a good one. I'm looking forward to watching the episode again because there's
a lot to take in. But unlike others, I really enjoyed Season 3. 

His Last Vow was the third episode of Season Three's "Sherlock". There's lots of buzz about the episode and growls and applause, but here's my take (for whatever it's worth). I enjoyed it. There you go. It was confusing in some ways, but I liked it. The dynamics between the characters was deepened, the schisms of beliefs grew and the surprises were fun. My only disappointment - that there were only three episode in Season 3. I feel shorted.

The Kitten Bowl featured a variety of different balls and teams usually
separated by coat coloring. It's hard to resist kittens at any time, but
they were truly adorable as they chased the ball and pounced here and there. 

Finally, did you catch the Kitten Bowl on Superbowl Sunday? It was totally adorable. The portion we saw had a complicated channel and lighted balls that the kittens were coaxing along the track to the end zones. They were super into those balls :-) So cute!

So there you have it - random thoughts and silly things for your Tuesday pleasure. Enjoy the day!

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