Saturday, January 11, 2014

Yes, I Am A Football Nerd

I admit it. Between frolicking through the woods with my writing and listening to amazing music, another side of me sometimes creeps out of hiding, usually at this time of the year. It isn't a surprise, but I have to admit that I am a total football nerd. Now, I'm not talking about soccer, I'm talking about American Football. I'm talking about men in protective gear running at full speed across a long, marked field, all to catch an oval ball and carry it over the appropriate end line. Yeah! Football! There's nothing quite like it.

This touchdown by the Green Bay Packers against the New York Giants
took place during the 2012 NFC Divisional Playoff Game. It's a great picture
and it was a great game. 

Last weekend the playoffs began and twelve finalist teams were dropped down to eight. This weekend the true battle begins. Last week's games were intense and right down to the buzzer in almost each instance. This week is to determine the two teams for each divisional final. I fully admit - I'm worried. My beloved Denver Broncos are going up against the San Diego Chargers and San Diego was the first team to defeat my Broncos this year. So I'll be glued to the TV for this game.

It'll be a good game - San Diego Charters vs my Denver Broncos. 

Of course, the others are also promising to be good games, but for those, I can still have my back to the TV and be writing or working on my computer. I'll need to check my supply of munchies. Appropriate football munchies are a must!

How about something a bit different for your football party? Follow the link
to a recipe for these great Pizza Pepperoni Puffs. You can even freeze them
ahead of time. 

On a different note, I've been very reluctant to pull down my arch of holiday cards. I've had such a wonderful group of cards that I received for this holiday season and pulling them down ends the season and plunges me back into full reality. I'll get them down by midweek next week and do a full acknowledgement of these lovely things that made my December-January so very special, but I'm sending out a general "Thank you" right now because each one has brightened my day.

That's it for today's post. Not very earthshaking, I'm afraid, but I don't always have a post worth enshrining. Nonetheless, I hope you have a fun weekend and I'll post again, hopefully with celebration as one paragraph, on Monday. Stay warm, stay safe.

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