Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Pretty Pictures - Nights and Moons

Last night as I was driving home from work I was mesmerized once again by the moon. Now this is nothing new. I recall bouncing around in my yard as a child shouting out (P...'s moon, P....'s moon *and that's as close as you'll ever get to my birthname*) because I found it so magical and wondrous. It still works its spells upon my soul. So even though I am very much a sun worshiper - rising to greet each day and bidding it farewell at sunset - there is something very special about the moon. I think it is time for a photographic blog post, and today I'm honoring the moon.

We'll start out with this lovely shot of the moon and roiling clouds. It's rather
ominous, in a way. But stunningly beautiful. 

This picture of the moon behind tree branches almost seems as
though it was taken from someone's lit patio or yard. The lighting
gives the tree branches a really interesting golden glow to offset the
silver moon. 

I've always been fond of the moon with superimposed branches look, and
this pic is one of my favorites. It's stunning, crisp and clear. 

I love the brilliant gold of a harvest moon. I also love the
optical illusion that makes the moon so large at the horizon and
so small overhead. Yes, there are some changes in orbit, but not
that much. The differences are caused by atmospheric curvature changing
the optics. It's a stunning effect. 

And finally, to give credit to other aspects of the moon, a lovely waxing moon
over the treetops on a clear night. 

Are you all ready to go out and howl today? The moon seems to bring out the beast in people, or is it the best in people instead? In either case, I love the moon. Enjoy your Tuesday and look for the almost full moon in the sky tonight.

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