Thursday, January 30, 2014

Catching Up is Hard To Do

I used to be up-to-date, posting my stories to Fairie and AO3 and my general stuff as soon as they were ready. I actually keep a spreadsheet database to keep me current on what I've posted where. I looked at it yesterday and was appalled. I'm WAY behind on my archive posting. So, for those of you who read my drabbles and longer stories on Tolkien Weekly and LOTR Community Challenge posts, you'll be seeing duplicatees of these posted on Fairie, MPTT, SWG and AO3 over the next few weeks as I bring last year back up to date. Sheesh! I dont usually fall this far behind! Everything got rather wonky when my father-by-marriage passed and my "free time" got overtaken, but this bad??? I apologize.

I know I also promised to get my general fic out there more, so I will take my latest LOTR Community Challenge story, "Return to Moria" and post that to my general journal under a cut. Don't bother reading it again if you already have - unless you want to read a fun story. But I had promised to put my work more 'out there' and this is part of that promise.

Is this Denver's year for another Super Bowl win? Win or lose, I'll be
watching and cheering my team on. I want a new Champions sweatshirt. My
last one is from Superbowl 32. 

On a different note, yesterday saw a lot get done, but not everything on my list. Still, by the end of the day I was pretty happy with what I had accomplished. We have Super Bowl this Sunday (Go Broncos!) and I'll leave the menu up to DH. I'm perfectly content munching my way through the day, but he may want more. I'm broke right now, so additional food expenses are out until next week. It's on him to get what he might want to eat. Seems fair, at any rate :-)

It's going to be hard for the other contenders to beat this commercial
entry. The cowboy and dog is a great commercial. 

Watched "The Best Super Bowl Commercials" special last night. Of course, it's not just the game that I watch for, the commercials are equally entertaining - and sometimes more entertaining - than the game. The ones I miss, I catch up with the next day on-line. There are always some really good ones presented, the best coming from Budwiser Beer, Doritos, and Pepsi & Coca Cola products. Over the past few years, Doritos has been asking amateurs to submit commercials to them for inclusion in their roster. Five excellent finalists were viewed last night, and I have to say I'm torn between the Ostrich and the Cowboy Kid on Dog offerings. Both were really excellent. The others were good too, but it's hard to beat kids and animals.

Now that the teams have been chosen, it's time to get to work!

So as we re-enter another day of snow (sigh), I hope all of you have a truly fabulous Thursday. I'll be happily watching Tim Gunn's "Under the Gunn" tonight to watch him try and teach the mentors how to actually mentor, and continuing to update stories into my archives. Happy, happy...

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