Monday, December 9, 2013

Thoughts for Early December

So how are you doing on your holiday tasks and celebrations? In my part of the world, it's been frigid and snow-filled, affecting all of us with the knowledge that wishing for a "White Christmas" won't be a problem this year. My Solstice cards are progressing well, they have progressed past the printing phase and are into the embellishment phases. Every spare minute I have is spent on this phase, but I'm pleased. I was hoping to be able to include a few little special 'gifties' in the envelopes, but that probably won't happen. Still, I'm happy with what I have put together, and making them always gives me such joy.

It's always fun to make holiday cards. They can be as fancy as you want
and don't forget the glitter. 

The cold means that indoor activities are our best friends, so I've been continuing to write every day. I will miss Thursday and Friday morning writing times and blog times because this is the week of Smaug. Yes, after impatiently waiting for a year, this week is the premiere of "The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug" and Chickie and I will be there for the midnight IMAX 3-D showing. DH is sitting this one out, preferring to wait until the DVD is released, or we may catch it shortly after the turn of the year on an early Sunday show.

I'm really getting excited. We're going to the Lonely Mountain!

I'm really looking forward to this section. We'll get more Thranduil, the barrels, Beorn and maybe more of the Necromancer. Once again I will be embroiled in the vision of Middle Earth and there's nothing that I enjoy much more than that. It's like Peter Jackson has given me a personal holiday gift.

The Hobbit is like an early holiday gift.

Out theatre has linked the two films - for our ticket, we have to see both films - Hobbit I and Hobbit II, starting the first film at 8:30 pm. Chickie and I will head out to the theatre as soon as we're out of work and we'll just grab something to eat there. We want a good spot in line so that we can sit somewhere close to our preferred spots. Last time we got within a row, so we'll hope for a similar situation this time. I'm already so ready, but we'll be sleepless at work on Friday, so our customers will just have to put up with us.

Drive Carefully today and every day. There are crazy people out
there on the roads. (Our icy conditions just aggravates this and
many of you are having poor weather right now.) 

So as you begin your work week, tell me how things are around you? Are you hot or cold? Are you dealing with snow or rain? Are you going to see The Hobbit for the midnight showing or on the first day/weekend? Talk to me :-) Happy Monday!

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