Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Errands in the Cold - Insanity at Zero Degrees F

I feel a bit like Santa Claus today - driving all around in freezing temps. Unfortunately my errands won't be as much fun as dropping down chimneys, eating cookies, drinking milk, and depositing gifts. On the contrary, I'll be shopping for groceries, office supplies and - most importantly - an Embossing Heat Tool.

RIP Embossing Heat Tool. This essential tool that is central to my Solstice card making died on me yesterday morning in mid-session. I mean literally died - the on/off switch no longer on/offed. I was close to shutting down my work for the morning anyway, but ... (big but) ... I had just put embossing powder on two elements and that stuff MUST BE MELTED or it turns into sandy dust that just blows away with a small puff of breath.

Fortunately I have a paint stripper (yes, I have weird tools in my life). It happened to be down in one of my workrooms, so down I trooped to get the paint stripper. Now this is rather like using an elephant to squash an ant. In other words - it's overkill. But, after successfully finding a plug that would accept it, I turned it on, very carefully fused the embossing powder (actually didn't even singe the card - whoo hoo!) and returned the huge piece of equipment back to its corner. Success.

Number one thing on my shopping list today? Get a new Embossing Heat Tool! Supposedly the feared Big Blue Store (otherwise known as WalMart) may have one in their Party and Occasions section, Huh? OK then. But ... the website can't guarantee that it will actually be in stock. I can order said tool, but it would barely be in my hands by Xmas and I need it TODAY. So...if Wally World doesn't have it on hand, I'll have to shift to a different supplier, get a brand I'm less happy with, and pay more. BUT, before I return to my cozy, warm home to work on my cards double and triple time for the rest of the day, I WILL OWN A NEW HEAT GUN. (Just envision Scarlet O'Hara shaking her fist at the sky and promising that she'll never be hungry again - although I could still stand to lose some pounds on a personal level).

So after my long list of stops have been accomplished, and I have successfully acquired the items on my list, I will gas up my vehicle and quite happily return home where I will set up the laptop to run my specialized printer for part of my cards that is very time consuming, while setting up a small station,  to continue the embellishment of said cards. I'm cruising right along, but these guys are highly decorated (because my muse went a little crazy) and I really want/need to have them in the mail as soon as possible.

So ... if you were wondering what frantic looks like? I present ME! And a Happy Wednesday to all of you - LOL.

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