Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Starting a List and My Day Off

I got a new computer built for me this summer, and I love it. It's big, it's fast, and it has huge hard drives so I finally have room for my stuff. But not everything transferred over and I'm starting to find and recognize all of those gaps. So I've started a list because I still own my old computer for the time being. I don't have a screen for it, so when I take care of the final transfers, it won't be simple. But I need to do it because there are some really important things that didn't move. Such as...

Have an old computer just sitting around? Here's one possibility.

My Egyptian fonts - I have eleven files of Egyptian hieroglyphic fonts that I use in my artwork. Those might be available to download, I'll have to spend some time to see, but if not, I need to pull them over from my old fonts file. There are also a few fonts that I used regularly that aren't in my Win 7 "available" list, so I also need to pull those over.

My hieroglyphics fonts would allow me to write what is
written here and translate it. I use the hieroglyphics for
my artwork and my hobbies. I need these fonts back!

But the thing that is causing my inner clock to tick is my software for my Solstice cards. I'll be diving into NaNoWriMo soon and that will take as much of November as it will take, leaving me with a serious crunch time to get my solstice cards printed and into the mail. OY! I love doing the cards and I've collected the materials I need for the past few months, but time just warped once my father-by-marriage passed and when I thought I had time, I don't. I'll be sending out my Solstice cards because I love marking the change of seasons and keeping in touch with friends both near and far, but I'm warning all of you - they very well may be late this year. If I have to reformat my custom files instead of just transferring them from my old computer, then I guarantee my cards will be late. I'll open a call-out for cards later in November, so watch this space.

If I was sending purchased cards, this one might be a good one. But I
really prefer to hand-make my cards, even though it is a ton of work.
I look at my cards as little pieces of artwork.

Today is my day off and I'll be running around like a sick chicken (apologies to my friend H who has chickens). I'll do the standard things: work at the shop for an hour or two in the early am, go to the grocer, do laundry, cook dinner and talk with Aearwen. But I have visits to Target, the post office, the Mall of America (a place I haven't visited since 1996) and the St Paul Cathedral to fit in this morning. I also have four repairs for customers on my desk. Since those charges actually end up in my pocket, that's almost $100 just sitting on my desk that I really could use. I also want to work through my Scrivener tutorial. I have a trial version installed and from looking at the video, it will do exactly what I need, but I do want to work through the tutorial before making up my mind.

I hate the Mall of America. I ran a store here from the time the Mall opened
until January 31 1996 and have only been back once, to close down my store
bank account. But the Mall has a Microsoft store, the only one in the area, and I
want to take a closer look at the new Surface 2. I guess I'll have to go to the Mall.

And there's reading, and writing, and taking pictures, and...and...and. Yeah. Crazy. I'm thinking maybe a nice egg fritata for breakfast... I hope your Wednesday is totally AMAZING!

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