Monday, September 9, 2013

What a Perfect Sunday

It's been a difficult few weeks for us and we've been stressed to the max. When Renaissance Festival started we were unsure about how often we would be able to attend because of our commitments regarding DH's father's death. But we actually have managed to get over there several times and yesterday was another visit. Because it was just the two of us, we could go where we wanted, wander as we pleased, and relax.

Who can resist this kilt? It's a nice way to start out this grouping of men in kilts.

It was also Highland Festival, so we spent most of our day in the Special Events field watching the Scottish Games - caber toss (love it!), various hammer throws and stone throws and the sheep toss (no - they don't use a real sheep for this). We had a wonderful time, the weather was perfect - overcast with a few small sprinkles of rain and temperate all day - and we had a relaxing day. We really needed it. Getting home, DH watched his football team lose - badly (my football team had won decisively earlier in the week) and we called it an early night. Happy!

True Scotsmen look marvelous wearing their kilts. This is
an old B/W of Compton Mackenzie (click on the link if you want to
know more about him).

As they get ready to flip those kilts allow your imaginations to take over - LOL.

Only a Scotsman can wear a kilt comfortably in any setting,
and few look as good in his formal wear as Mr Connery does.

So, since it was Highland Fest, I've shared pictures of men in kilts. Now for a few pictures of the beauties of Scotland to share because the land is more than just men wearing least I think so.

This is Dunvegan Castle. It's quite lovely, isn't it? I want to see in person!

Here are the Fairy Pools on the Island of Skye. Aren't those waterfalls
just too amazing? 

I am totally in love with this valley - so stunning!  For fans of the Nightrunner
series - I can just imagine Alec and Serigil's cabin just behind the photographer here. 

And finally, because they are so wonderful - here's a Scottish Thistle to send you into your day.

Scottish thistle - so beautiful and so prickly.

My DH and I have Scottish (and Irish) ancestry through his mother and her tartan is beautiful. We want to order yardage and wear our tartan proudly and I contacted the mill many years ago for samples. We know which variety we want - maybe someday we'll indulge and wear our family tartan to days like yesterday's Highland Festival.  Have a fantastic Monday.

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