Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Creative Time!

I haven't had a studio day when I could spend some time actually creating something fun for what seems like AGES!. Today I'm going to do a repair for a customer and then maybe work on some items of my own for a bit. A friend has asked me to paint a pair of shoes for her and I want to get a better feel on that before I 100% commit to it. I actually think hers will be way fun to do, but I want to play with mine for a bit to be sure hers will work out the way I expect.

She wants shoes similar to these. They're actually
easier than my LOTR shoes and I can brush them instead of
air brushing. It should be fun!  Fortunately we wear the same
size, so if I mess it up, I can keep the messed up pair and start
again with another pair. 

I still have errands to do - two banks, Target for a few items and a DVD, the post office and my local comic shop to see if any new issues have come in from my comics (yes - I sometimes act like an adolescent boy - live with it - LOL). But between housecleaning, cooking, grocery shopping and laundry are a few hours where I can write or bead or paint...YIPPEE!

So these are things I'll see while on my way today (as realized in photos by a variety of talented people).

I have to visit two different banks, neither one as interesting
as Gringotts Bank, though. 

I have several letters and packages to mail.

I need to shop for office supplies and groceries. Too bad my shopping
experience won't be as fun and colorful as this bazaar.

And finally, in honor of National Cheeseburger Day I'm going to have a cheeseburger for either breakfast or lunch (it makes a great breakfast). It won't be quite this fancy...but this really looks good to me.

This looks so good! I'd go out of my way to eat a cheeseburger like this!

Enjoy your Wednesday!

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