Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Something Otherworldly - A Photo Montage for the Day

I have the day off today and a list of errands to do that will take me all over town. I am focused on other words today, so I think it's another photo montage day. I want to think of other things - things aside from my daily life and deadlines looming, so I'm looking for art dealing with other worlds. Science fiction art for all of you today...

I love the ocean in this one, and the hint of a ramp or steps leading you ... where?

And a quick note on yesterday's post. I also check in at Lizard Council every so often, but my time has become extremely restricted. I just don't have a lot of time to spend doing crit for others, therefore won't post my own words for the same - I think it's only fair. When my schedule clears out a bit more (hopefully by the end of 2014) I'll have the time to help my fellow authors out again on more than the one-on-one basis that I currently do. I do get asked directly to look through various writings from a variety of people and, so far, have been happy to help when asked. So I guess I do still pay it forward and I hope to continue to do so.'s the artwork...

"Containment Zone" by L E Spry. I love the transparency of the dome and
the quality of the light on this pic. 

Communication with others is  key, but how would you communicate
with something looking like this? 

What an amazing world this would be to see. It's very desolate, though...

As you know, I love architecture. This is a futuristic airport. I love the corner sculptures and
the rounded glass structure. I also love the height over the waters far below. 

And, as a final offering, a picture called "Crash" by Patrick Reilly.

"Crash" by Patrick Reilly. This desolate world became an unexpected home for the
passengers of this space liner. Their descendants have come to visit the derelict wreck and
reaffirm their colonization goals. Or at least that's how I see this pic.  

So there you have it. Pictures (all in extra-large size because sci-fi is a large media) that will spur your imagination to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, and to boldly go where no-one has gone before... Have a fabulous Wednesday.

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