Monday, August 5, 2013

Missing...One Brain. If Found, Please Send Home

My brain must have fled when the rain came in around 2:00 am this morning. I am missing my eyeglasses. Now, that wouldn't be a tragedy, I have another pair, but what did I do with them? I'm fairly sure that I had them last night. They aren't on my desk, they aren't next to where I sleep, they're not in the bathroom up or down...I really will have to make a concentrated hunt before I leave for the chiropractor in a bit more than an hour. I don't need them to drive, but I do need them to read, so reading through the weekend's emails and posts has been challenging. *sigh* I don't misplace things. I just don't. This is highly annoying.

We had the estate agent walk through my father-by-marriage's house yesterday. We had everything out of the cupboards and organized on tables, etc., the furniture that was being claimed was either already gone or tagged, and things were pretty straightforward. The two agents arrived in the early afternoon and walked through everything from the attic to the basement but at the end they advised us that what we had was an upscale garage sale - not enough for an estate sale. It wasn't a surprise to me. The family was middle class, there weren't any larger items that would bring in good money, and the china hutch and bedroom suite were already removed or spoken for. The furniture was upholstered - sells less well than wooden - and there weren't any good collectibles. So, no. They won't hold the sale for us. That leaves us free to take things to antique stores or run a garage sale of our own. I hate doing that, and we're getting towards the end of the season, but there's nothing we can do. We need the house empty, so we'll be figuring out tactics soon. Just one more thing *sigh*.

Our glassware isn't this interesting. I suspect we'll be donating a lot of
our stuff to various charities and taking the donation off the estate taxes.
Time to research and figure things out...

I finally had a chance to start writing my SinS story over the past few days. I'm not far into it yet, but it is flowing much better and Red was kind enough to give me a small time extension because I haven't been able to write with my father-by-marriage's death and all of the subsequent mess. It's nothing major, but just having those few more days makes things more breathable and gives me a bit more time for beta and editing work at the end. Of course, I'll still find things to correct - I always do after the fact.

My wordcount needs to improve - A LOT!

Now...I guess I'd better go and take another look for my eyeglasses - LOL...  Have a wonderful Monday.

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