Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Too Much To Do! Too Little Time in Which To Do It!

My day is starting out with me on the run and I'll be going crazy before I have to open the shop. What a mess. I have a dental checkup at 7:30 am, then I have to go to the bank, then the post office, and finally I can get to the shop and get things turned on. It'll be much closer to 10:00 am than my usual and I'll be completely unable to do much computer work before my day starts. Of course with Chickie off in the wilds of the West on vacation, I won't get the help on the sales floor that I would normally get, so today will be a no-writing day. I hate days like that!

Rushing waters...

So, since I'm rushed today, I'm going to put pictures only up today - active water pictures. I'm also going to recommend a You Tube video - Eli Lieb's "Young Love" . It's a country sound, gay love vid that is fun to watch. So, have a great day, I hope your day is less rushed than mine will be.

This waterfall is in the Philippines. Pretty, isn't it?

This waterfall is in Grand Tetons National Park.

Have a fabulous day. Take a bit of time for yourself today.

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