Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Return to Reality

I really want to return to routine. I'm comfortable in my routine - waking early, listening to the news while catching up on my emails and writing my daily blog, having coffee and breakfast, and writing. Yes writing. The past week has been extremely hard on my fiction. I haven't been able to concentrate well and my DH hasn't been sleeping so he's been getting up early also - coming into my space and talking to me. I don't like talking to anyone before I've had my coffee - silence is golden in my mornings. Conversations are most certainly OFF the table.


I only have a few hundred words into my SinS story and I keep revising and fine-tuning them. But I have to progress beyond the initial scene, there's a lot more to come and my two 'lovers' still have to meet up. Right now they are separated by quite some distance and some serious circumstances. I know where the characters are going and when they'll get there, I know who will meet and have the basics of how they will interact in my head, but the story has to get from my head through my fingertips onto my keyboard and into my dropbox folder.

My 'spare' time will be taken up with administrative crap for a while. Things like cancelling the newspaper for my Father-by-marriage and having his mail forwarded to us instead of his house. My DH and his sister will meet with an attorney about the will on Thursday morning, I have to call my nephew and cancel an appointment between him and my DH scheduled for tonight, and between everything else, I have to get my own bills paid so that I don't pay things late. This kind of schedule isn't going to leave a lot of room for personal projects so I'm going to have to grab some of my Wednesday to work on my own stuff, not just beta work for my friends and chatting with Aearwen.

The church didn't catch on fire when I entered it for the funeral mass yesterday. I was a bit (actually a lot) surprised, but grateful. It's actually a very nice space since their re-do several years ago. There is a low screen of contemporary ironwork separating the altar from the pews, and that theme of rod iron work is carried on to the walls by the confessionals and the sacristy. There weren't as many people attending the funeral mass as his mom had attending hers eight+ years ago, but it was still a nice crowd. And we had two priests officiating - the current priest and his immediate predecessor who had been contacted and had led prayers at the wake for the family.

Holy Childhood Church and School is a neighborhood parish that has ministered
to the Como area for more than 100 years. My husband's grandmother was a
regular parishioner, walking to church every morning rain or shine. All of her kids
and grandkids attended school here too. The school is no longer operational
but the church still serves an aging population as well as several nearby care centers.

I must admit that I prefer the retired priest to the current one - he's a bit more laid-back and friendly. But I shared my table at lunch with the current priest and he was actually fun once we started talking about travel and I mentioned that I wanted to go to Florence, Italy. This spark came into his eyes and we talked about art for several minutes as well as places to not miss in Florence, Assisi, and Barcelona.

Of course we talked about Michelangelo's "David" statue, but he also
mentioned the individual monastery cell paintings that Fra Angelico did
as something that often gets overlooked and is well worth the visit. Now I
want to go to Florence even more! 

DH spent the afternoon going through some of his Dad's records - something that he found relaxing and that would drive me up the wall. I hate dealing with numbers, he loves it. He really should have been an accountant or something similar, he loves making numbers sing. Finally we went out to dinner to have a drink in honor of his Dad, came back home, and called it an early night. We were exhausted and drained.

Time to return to a creative life again...

I think it's time to return to life again, work for the day, and pull back into routine. I think I need this. Thanks to all of you who have been so supportive during this difficult time for our family. I really appreciated every one of your messages.

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