Thursday, July 18, 2013

Double L'Alpe Today and Thank You!

In between editing the obituary (yes, I couldn't keep my red pen away from what my DH and Sister-in-law had come up with for the obit) and running the store, I'm watching Le Tour because nothing stops the peloton. But today is earthshaking - a one of a kind day. Yesterday's time trials were nice, Froome riding to another stage win. It was one more day of proving the quality and magic of wearing the yellow jersey. But now we're in the Alps and we're starting the last four days of the 100th Tour off with a bang.

Just look at this profile. See those two large peaks towards the right
side? That's L'Alpe - times TWO! So amazing, so kewl!

This is a killer stage - 168.5 km from Gap to Alpe D'Huez and L'Alpe will be the ride twice, the second time for the end point of the stage. Lots of Cat mountains today - three Cat 2 and one Cat 3 along with L'Alpe which is an HC Cat. So, just take a look at the profile of the stage above and L'Alpe below. Do you think the boys will have their work cut out for them today? Oy! This will be a fun day to watch!

Look at the profile of L-Alpe. I will be there in thought, cowbell in
hand ringing the riders up the multiple switchbacks of this famous
and phenomenal mountain. I want to be there, a glass (or bottle) of
port in my hand, my bell in my other hand, surrounded by a bunch
of totally crazy Le Tour fans. 

I'm on double-kitty day today. I usually take care of Sasha-kitty in the mornings - feed, water and clean her litter box. On Thursdays the usual night person has a schedule conflict, so I do the night check also. Sasha and I have an understanding. She lies around, looks regal and she doesn't hiss at me, I take care of her needs and only hiss back when she tries to mouth off. It's a good contract. 

Thanks to so many friends and acquaintances for your very kind words about my father-in-law's death and the general down tone of yesterday's post. My DH is taking things quite hard, but he'll pull through. I am practical - as always - and even though I'll miss my father-by-marriage, he was 95, he wanted to be with his friends and his wife, all who had died before him, and he was tired. I think in many ways this was a blessing and he's finally partying with his old buddies, in a younger, healthier body, and being the life of the party once again. 

It's rather frightening how similar he was to my mother. They were both social people who only shone when they were in social situations. Both survived the death of a spouse by nine years. Both had dementia (well, Mom had full Alzheimer's but my father-by-marriage was quickly getting there). Both were in generally good physical health. He had poor hearing, she had poor vision, but their bodies were actually in good shape. Right now my DH is in the mind-set that nobody can understand what he is going through and in a way that is true - everyone's feelings are intensely personal and uniquely individual. But anyone who has lost a parent also shares similarities with him and he can't see that right now. Hopefully he will soon and will be on the road to healing and personal well-being again. 

Now...on to Le Tour...

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