Thursday, July 25, 2013

A Change of Scene - Pretty Pictures For Your Day

I am a child of the mountains who now lives in a land of lakes and low hills. I miss my mountains, but I've posted them many times before. I thought, since I really don't want to write things today that may be a downer, that I'd post some wonderful pictures instead. I want them to be pictures of somewhere I rarely go and the ocean calls to me today. So, as my DH meets with the attorney this morning to discuss his father's estate, I want to share the beauty of our Mother - the sea. All things come from the sea...

The power of the ocean, its never-ceasing movement combined with
the liquid water, makes for wonderful scenes of controlled chaos.

Waves have always frightened me while fascinating me. 

A variety of creatures live beneath the waves. Their patterns blend
with the filtered light and their movement is sinuous and rippling. 

Forests exist on the ocean floor - forests of small organisms living together
in joint harmony. Coral is much more effective at working together than
humanity is...'nuff said!

These two lovely fish blend into their environment. Colors like this would
stand out and cause their quick death by local predators if they lived on land.

Jellyfish are so amazing! They're kind of icky - but pretty darned attractive
if they aren't stinging you. I really liked this photo a lot. 

For my final pic today, a reminder that land is created from molten rock which solidifies
in air and in water. Scenes like lava hitting the ocean occur in Hawaii and other
growing volcanic lands throughout the world. So pretty!

So there you have it. Not a lot of discussion today, but lots of really pretty blue things for you to look at, relax with, and marvel at. Have a fantastic Thursday.

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