Saturday, August 29, 2009

Fair Time, Play Time

The Minnesota State Fair started on Thursday. That means that traffic past the fairgrounds at night is bad - at least just getting through the Midway Parkway/Dan Patch intersection. After that, it's pretty smooth sailing. I love the Fair. I love the smells of deep fried items on a stick, I love the sounds of competing activities and music, and I love the crowds of people. On an average day the fair has approx 140,000 people in attendance. That's a lot of people over the 300+ acre grounds. The Minnesota State Fair is one of the top five fairs in the nation. But in terms of daily attendance, we're #1.
Because DH and I love the Fair; even though we'll be going several days next week when my BFF Sharon arrives from Denver, we'll catch a Park and Ride bus to the Fair tonite for dinner. We have Ren Fest tomorrow, so we can't stay super late, but we'll have a nice time wandering through the Midway and we'll eat some things that certainly aren't on our weight-loss regime. And we'll enjoy ourselves and immerse ourselves in the Fair for another year. Oh happy day! I love the Fair!

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