Thursday, November 13, 2008

Musings on Electricity

It's rather amazing how much we all depend on electricity. Even in nations without much power infrastructure (don't 'cha just love that word? - infrastructure?), electric power is still a part of the life - running computers, telephones, etc. I've been thinking about electric power lately as I've been making my jewelry and art. Although most of my operations are hand-powered (jewelers saw, files, etc.) I do consider electricity vital to my art. It operates my flex-shaft machine to allow me to drill through my metal quickly to make holes and bearings for my stone setting. It also operates my polishing equipment to speed me up. And, obviously, the electroforming that I did yesterday would be impossible without electric current to transfer the copper electrons from the anodes to the jewelry item. In other words, the skull that I electroformed yesterday simply would not have been possible without electricity. So "Thank You" Mr Edison. Your determination to conquer electricity allowed me to make a really neat item yesterday.

And today is Thursday. My friend Eleanor is back from Florida so I'll get the scoop on her trip when I see her for breakfast in a couple of hours. Eleanor has been my friend since the 1980's when we worked together in the corporate world. Her favorite saying is "Life Is Not A Dress Rehearsal". Think about it....

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